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Freshwater linear animals form complex food webs with various creatures and serve to maintain the balance of freshwater ecosystems, and are used as biomarkers for environmental assessment. Linear animals are commonly called nematodes and are small worms with a body length of only 1 mm. They are a large group of diversity distributed freely in freshwater, seawater and soil, or distributed in parasitic forms on animals and plants.Plectus cirratus is the first freshwater linear animal found in Nakdong River in Korea, characterized by having a bristle and circular sensory organs in the head (image D, head). The image provided is data produced through the National Nakdong River Biological Resource Center Diversity Research Team's own project (A study on securing genetic information for identifying freshwater linear animal diversity on the Korean Peninsula (January 2017 to December 2018)).Biodiversity Research Team, JITEON KIM Associate researcher offer
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Plectus cirratus